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Ever an artist at heart, Patricia Lynn Jackson Stanbery was born in Monterey, Tennessee and grew up in Dayton, Ohio and has spent the majority of her life in the 
Southwestern Ohio region. 

Although life has been busy and filled with family, profession, church and volunteer work, she has longed to add some creative pursuit to the mix.  Finally in 2010 the opporuntiy presented itself as she began the study of acrylic and water color arts under the tutelage of Master Artist Viola Marcum.

  Pat and her husband Paul presently live in Hanover Township (Ohio), have six grown children, and an ever increasing flock of grandbabies, standing now at nine (and counting).
Original works of art, signed and numbered prints.

WHY THE "H"?  

Pat has hidden an "H" in most of her paintings.

  "Why the 'H' ", you ask?  

When her youngest son, Benjamin, was first learning to write, 
he found that he had a fascination with the letter "H".  

And so it happened that one day, Pat noticed that Benjamin had written "H's" all over the walls.  
He then had to wash ALL the markings off the walls,
 (or so she thought).  

Sometime later, Benjamin was watching TV with his brother Adam and whispered to him, 
"Hey Adam, look at this"..............  

He had left an "H" in the closet where only he would see it.     
With a grin, he pointed to it and said:

So...Pat too has left an "H" where she thinks only she can see it.

See if you can say, "H", just like Benjamin!